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Twitter to be put on primary school’s curriculum

A great number of schools have started to teach the basics of navigating the internet.  Colleges are still teaching how to use Google, just to make sure that everyone is on a level playing field.  Forcing older students to learn the basics of the internet becomes obnoxious, especially when you’re well aware how to use […]

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GPS strikes again and man almost drives off cliff

Technology is doing exactly what all of us have, at least on occasion, dreamed of doing.  That is, wiping out all the idiots in the world.  Yes, medical technology has allowed for us to live longer, but GPS is here to even out the numbers a bit.  Well, at the very least boot the geniuses […]

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Councilman promotes racist flash game and gets sued

We discussed one of the downfalls of technology last week.  When you post something online, if you’re a public figure or a police officer trying to put someone in jail, that information can come back to haunt you.  It can quite possibly have some bad repercussions.  Apparently Councilman John Dowdy did not get the memo.  […]

Saturday, March 21st, 2009 | Continue reading plans to sue World of Warcraft and Second Life

You might have heard about ranting about massively-multiplayer games infringing upon their patent.  The patent is apparently on a “scalable virtual world client-server chat system” and a “system and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space.”  They have already began a lawsuit with NCSoft, who is a Koreak publisher responsible for […]

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Facebook puts criminals back on the streets

This just in, when you post something on the internet, people can see it. I know, I was surprised too. Since people can see it, that means lawyers can get their grubby hands on it too. A lesson that I’m sure Officer Vaughan Ettienne won’t soon forget. Officer Ettiene, arrested a man for carrying a […]

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