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The Virtual Lost and Found

The idea of the virtual lost and found is making headlines this week. TechCult did a little digging and found some interesting items in the bins.

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Getting Serious About Grammar

Facebook is trying to cut back on grammar errors within its site. We here at TechCult agree that grammar and proper spelling are very important. In fact, we think they are so important, we’ve written a policy of our own.

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Pork Swords, Shuttlecock, and the Domain Disaster

Get ready for what may be the worst mess the Internet’s ever seen: ICANN has cleared the way for unlimited custom domain suffixes — you know, the .com or .net part of the URL — and that means we’re about to see more different kinds of addresses than Kim Kardashian’s seen pork swords.

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Sony Shock: Sony President Actually Aware of PSP Piracy

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has announced that piracy is a problem on the PSP. The contents of the rest of his talk aren’t detailed, but we can presume they include how he recently saw Spiderman 2, how he thinks Paris Hilton wouldn’t be a faithful wife, and this awesome new website he saw called “YouTube”.

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Handling Headaches, the American Way

Plenty of unwanted news comes in the mail. You’ve got your traffic tickets, court summons, and fees for every season. Well, good news, ladies and gents: The government’s found a way to make it all go away.

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When Microsoft Met Yahoo: A Romance Novel

Microsoft saw her across the room and was immediately stricken with lust. She was the perfect kind of woman: smart, sensual, and eager to please. She knew what he wanted, and she knew how to give to him. Her name was Yahoo.

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Oh, THAT’S What That Button Does?

In “That Was Convenient” news this week, a government committee says Microsoft deleted federally required documents that competing companies might need to develop Windows software.

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Microsoft To Bully Businesses Into Unwanted Vista

In behavior that makes the phrase “Monolithic Monopoly” look like a Mom & Pop convenience store, Microsoft are now warning users that they may face security problems even if they buy official copies of Windows.

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