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Atari Anti-Piracy Idea Is Literally Years Behind

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell proudly proclaimed the end of piracy at a security conference last week, thanks to a revolutionary new “Trusted Platform Module” security chip.

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Online Classifieds, the Wal-Mart Way

Retail giant Wal-Mart has just launched a new online classified ad service. The site is expected to have plenty of features to best emulate the real bargain shopping experience.

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Idea for Microsoft: Co-Own Download Day

Mozilla is aiming for a world record for single-day downloads with the release of Firefox 3 next month. Not to be outdone, I think Microsoft should use the chance to co-own the day with a record of its own.

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Exclusive: Google Lawsuit Explained

A group of Belgian newspaper owners is demanding Google pay nearly $80 million for displaying their content. TechCult has exclusively obtained a letter explaining their objections.

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Online Video In Five Years: The Real Story

More than a billion users will be viewing video on the net by the year 2013, according to predictions made this week by multimedia research firm ABIresearch.

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Social Networks For Safe Sex?

This just in: Your social network may be making you fat. But it could help you quit smoking. And avoid an STD.

Monday, May 26th, 2008 | Continue reading Genius or Just a Late Night 1-800-HOTCHAT

One industry that I can’t quite understand is the mobile hot chat industry. I see the advertisements late hours of the night and not only does the crappy acting crack me up, and trust me it does, but I always wondered to myself who actually uses this.

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Carl Icahn vs. Roy Bostock

Carl Icahn is a multi-billionaire financier and private equity investor. After the fall of the talks between Microsoft and Yahoo!, he is now trying to remove Yahoo!’s board of directors completely. Here is a quote from a letter he sent to Yahoo!’s chairman Roy Bostock:

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